President's Message

      In the contemporary of stiving for excellence in every domain of life success is synonymous with grit, preservance and faith in oneself, while cognitive aspect is given prime attention now a days, the emotional and behavioral compatibility cannot be ignored. A proper has to be struck between an individual's professional achievement with that of his roots and moral values, which would enable the individual to become success human being.

      Of late, India metamorphosing into a dazzling country and hence I address the future pillars of the nation to be aware of its glares and entanglements. One has to avoid distractions and remain focused. The modern means of entertainments are stealing away our creative and physical fitness.We should look within and discover our potential. Consistent striving balanced with strong determination and time management can confront all hurdles and bring success. DAVIETian have proved it timd and again.

      Dr. Shiv Raman Gaur

      Director Higher Education,

      DAV Colllege Managing Commitee,

      New Delhi