All DAV College Managing Committee

DAV College Managing Committee is the largest non-government organization in the field of education in India today. It has a glorious past steeped in the history of India, our great nation.DAV College Managing committee has contributed to nation-building by pioneering private initiative in education. In our more then 134 years long career span, DAV students have emerged as leaders in their chosen fields as Noble Laureates, Prime Ministers, scientists, sports persons, defense personnel, movie actors, media persons, CEO's making meaningful dontributions to the economic and social development of India.

runs and manages over 900 educational institutions comprising of public schools, grant-in-aid schools, colleges, institutes of professional education and research institutions. Trusted by both, public as well as private sector, DAVCMC manages over hundred project and semi-project school for bluechip corporate houses such as ACC, Tata, Reliance, Adani and Public Sector Corporation such as BHEL, GAIL, SECL etc. DAVCMC discharges its social responsibilty by running ashrams and orphanages for the under priviledge and destitute children and women

The DAV College Managing Committee (DAVCMC) is managaed by a galaxy of luminaries for diverse fields who are committeed to the philosphy of Arya Smajh and ideal of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. The DAV institutions are spread all over the length and breadth of India with DAV presence in almost all states catering to a wide range of clients from the urban elite to the rural Indian. DAV's commitment to quality education ensures highly qualified and skilled work force and state-of-art-infrastructure in the educational institutions managed by it.