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    The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a core engineering discipline and one of the oldest disciplines of Engineering. This branch of engineering is concerned with the design, manufacture, installation and operation of engines and machines and with manufacturing processes. It is particularly concerned with the force and motion. The standard of living of people in a country owes much to mechanical engineering. The Mechanical Engineer invents machine tools of increasing accuracy and complexity to build machine

    The course aims at devlopment practical & theorectical knowledge in the different subjects of mechanical engineering discipline offered by the department.


    To provide learning environment and effective mentoring that foster disciplined culture, creativity and innovation.

    To provide facilities for training in workshop and laboratories to develop competent Mechanical Engineers for contributing in economical development of the society.

    To impart quality education with Ethics and Human values to build responsible citizen of the nation.

    To provide facilities for curriculum & co-curriculum activities necessary for the development of overall personality, competent professionals and promising entrepreneurs.


    “To develop technically competent and ethically strong Mechanical Engineers to excel in various functional areas in industries and academia to contribute for the well-being of the society.”

    For further details, please contact:

    • Prof. Mr. Mohan Kumar Mishar

      Prof. HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering

      DAV Institute Of Engineering & Technology & Medininagar, Betla Road, Daltonganj, Palamau, Jharkhand-822126